If you decide to participate in an exhibition or fair we will define together all the component elements so that enjoy a unique space that conveys in full the corporate image of your company, organization or institution. 

We help you with the design of your stand by presenting detailed plans in 2D and 3D, finishing the process with a realistic digital image – render.

Once we defined all the details and receive the approval of the design we move to the production of the stand in our facilities. The customer will receive all the information in real time regarding the state of manufacture of the exhibition booth to verify that the materials used are those stipulated in our economic offer. This option belongs to our first pillar: transparency in the entire process.

The booth assembly is an important phase of the process that’s why will be made with our standbuilders that was previously in charge of the manufacture of all the component elements. We are concerned about safety and finishes along with comply with the established delivery time.

We are at your disposal to your exhibition booth

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