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What is Infarma Spain Exhibition?

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Infarma Spain Exhibition is a highly-anticipated meeting that is made up of European-based clients in the Over the Counter Medicines and Parapharmacy niches.  Professionals from within these fields meet and share professional experiences as well as trade knowledge and ideas about working in their area.  The goal of the exhibition is to network and share professional-related news and professional practice updates back and forth.

This exhibition brings together professionals in a networking sense as well, be them suppliers or new technological development companies that will revolutionize the pharmaceutical empire.  Prestigious enough to be certified by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality due to its focus on health interest and promotion, this is a must-do for anyone in the professional industry.

If you’ve ever gone to a exhibition and found yourself underwhelmed by the stands, booths and    displays, you know that little details like these can make a huge difference to the overall quality of the experience.  This is something that we know well at Adam Expo Stand.  We are exhibition stand builders that help design the right welcoming, professional pieces to make everyone’s experience as positive as possible at an exhibition.  Both attendee and attender can benefit from the services that we can offer, and the Infarma Barcelona 2019 is the perfect example in action that is bound to give you that positive impression you’re looking for.

Infarma Barcelona 2019

At its end, 2019’s Infarma Barcelona had over 33 700 visitors within the three days of exhibition.  There was also an increase of 10% visitors and a 7% increase of the exhibitors in attendance, allowing for more networking (especially among laboratories and companies) between professionals and interested attendees, alike.

Popular discussion and focus points included Brexit, medicine and home care shortages as well as how the internet impacts consumer behaviour as it related to the industries.  Exhibition stand builders really went all out with the professional look and feel of the booth, and as a Fira Barcelona booth contractor company ourselves, at Adam Expo Stand, we were able to really appreciate the eye to professional detail within the contributors.

The motto of Infarma’s exhibition was: “Health connects us, exchanging experiences with other professionals in the sector”, and it was widely agreed by all contributors that it was far exceeded in the wide variety of displays as well as professionalism that took place within the 2019 expo.  Spoken by  Francisca Aranzana, upon closing the 31st edition of the Congress and European Hall of Pharmacy Office’s Infarma, there were nothing but positive comments on both the presentations as well as the exhibit booth design in Barcelona.

The statistics of 2019’s Infarma

Other than the percentages mentioned above, this year’s Infarma Spain Exhibition brought out 7 topical tables and 32 professional classrooms where experts converged together to advance the field as a whole. There were also an impressive 170 speakers and moderators that presented.

In the numbers were: 33,779 visitors which were broken down as 16,082 pharmacists, 14,217 professionals (assistants, industry, services and others) and 3,480 congressmen and national and international speakers.  The number of exhibitors was 406 in total.

An impressive exhibition for all of the right reasons, it was widely reviewed as being a success for the professionals in the industry.  Hard-working and ready to pass on their torches, organizers Jordi de Dalmases and Francisca Aranzana will both be stepping down before the next Infarma takes place in Madrid, March 10-12, 2020.

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Exhibition stands design Barcelona

As Fira Barcelona exhibition stand contractors had another successful year at Infarma, many are already starting to think about how next year’s exhibition can be even better.  Professionals in the industries as well as those in exhibition stands design in Barcelona all came together and focused on collectively creating a truly professional and memorable Infarma 2019.  The final result, as mentioned, was well worth the effort.

As Fira Barcelona booth contractor ourselves at Adam Expo Stand, we are looking forward to taking what we learned from this year’s exhibition and applying it to the upcoming year’s exhibition in Madrid.  The perfect example of two professional streams coming together, our goal is to provide professional booths and displays that will add another level to the way that presenters can push their information out to the visitors in attendance.

Each year brings new worldwide professionals that allow us to broaden our own experiences and help us to develop out own educations in stand and display design.  This creates a better product on the other side that will, in turn, help professionals in all fields to display their information better and clearer.

With all visitors – including the booth contractors such as ourselves – learning a lot from this year’s Infarma Spain Exhibition, there is nothing but positives to be said about this year’s experience.  All of that excitement now eagerly is put into the upcoming year’s projects so that everyone who works with us.

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