Graphic decoration and exhibition stand lettering, how to make it better and cheaper

As we can see, the fairs and exhibitions sector is in full process of recovery and growth, as result there are more companies that wish to participate. Many of them, to transmit the desired corporate image, choose to contract an agency specialized in custom exhibition stand in Spain. Also, there is an important number of companies that decide to design, manufacture and build their own exhibition stand. We know that the graphic decoration is the most important part of any stand, trade show, congress, it is the best communication channel between the persons behind a brand, company and the possible client / consumer. And, who better knows to transmit these emotions? The same workers of the brand, company, that make it grow every day, thanks to their ideas and efforts. We understand that desire to “do everything” and if you want, everything is possible, that is why we are going to offer you a series of tips and recommendations so that you can make the graphic decoration and the labeling of your trade show stand.

Graphic decoration and exhibition stand lettering


  • First, keep in mind that you must transmit a
  • different image respecting your surroundings, that this image represents you and that it quickly captures the attention of visitors. Place the logo and company name in several places and at different heights, but do not go over.
  • Divide your stand in several areas and through the graphic or the lettering try to transmit a different emotion in each of them.



For the placement of advertising canvas you need to have made a wooden frame and a hand stapler. If you illuminate it from the front you need a frontlite canvas but the best is if you backlight it, in this case you will need a better canvas, it is a little more expensive than normal but it’s worth it. If you choose the second option you will need to make a drawer and place inside LED lighting, then staple the canvas and prepare a small frame to cover the staples. Many people do it, you can do it too.

Another option to place the canvas would be to make holes and hold it in some modular structure. It is the cheapest option to have your own “photocall“.

          3.2 PRINTED VINYL

The printed vinyl you will have to place it slow to not generate bubbles, it is preferable a wet surface where you place it. Measure well the distances and the eventual cuts. You have several options: printed and laminated vinyl, cut vinyl, acid vinyl, vinyl printed on foam etc.

        3.3 PRINTED CLOTH

It is another option that is used a lot thanks to the boom of the new generation of “modular reusable stands” represented by systems such as Aluvision or BeMatrix. With these structures, the printed cloth or printed pvc looks perfect.

Hope we have given you useful tips and recommendations or at least some interesting information. For any questions or queries, without any commitment, at Adam ExpoStand we are at your disposal.

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