Adam Expo Stand takes part in the meeting Today is Marketing Madrid

IFEMA North Convention Center

Last April 26, at the IFEMA Hoy es Marketing Madrid 2017 Adam Expo StandNorth Convention Center, took place Today is Marketing, the major meeting for professionals and directors of the business world, marketing, communication and digital economy in Spain.

Today is Marketing

Throughout its fourteen-year career, Today is Marketing has bet for the innovation and the creativity in the company, championing commercial management in Spain, supporting the Digital Economy and new technologies at the service of the company, marking trends in Communication and promoting entrepreneurship as an economic alternative. More than 33.000 professionals and executives of marketing, business, communication and digital economy, have taken part in this event along his history. ESIC Business & Marketing School offers a unique opportunity to know how the companies understand and carry out the best marketing of Spain.

With the motto “The company in the crossroads: brands, consumers, teams, rse, algorithms, exclusive proposals or shared values?”, the meeting was to the height presenting innovative ideas and trends that will mark the future of business and society.

Volvo Car Spain

Adam Expo Stand as a company specialized in the production, construction, assembly and decoration of design stands, modular stands, poster panels for fairs, exhibitions and events in Spain and Europe, in their interest and dedication to offer a transparent and quality service to the persons, had to be present at this great event.

According to the words of Juan Carlos Muñoz, chief of Digital Marketing and CRM in Volvo Car Spain: “We are forced to unlearn every day and return to learn the next one”. In his opinion, every day should follow the following guideline: Learn, work, launch and measure“.

GRAY Agency Spain

For emphasizing other key ideas of the presentations, we would like to mention Ricardo García from Cajamar, who stated: “Currently, the definition of a company is being redefined.” Also the words of Javier Suso, CEO of GRAY Agency Spain: “Before the competition was between big and small and now is between fast and slow.”


Francisco Peréz, cofounder of Hawkers, counted on his particular style the history of how he managed a company, which started by selling 27 glasses, to arrive to invoice 300 million euros based on the philosophy: In Hawkers the product isn’t the brand, the brand is the product. Hawkers sells Hawkers, does not sell sunglasses.

Adam Expo StandIn our opinion, the central focus of the event was the need to discover and get to know the person behind the client and be conscious that we sell emotions to persons, not to consumers, and we are all happy because our motto is “Together We Build Emotions”. 

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